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Phiten RAKUWA necklace

Phiten RAKUWA necklace

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Titanium necklace



A modern and stylish titanium necklace is both a jewellery piece and can have health benefits.


Stimulates blood circulation

The titanium in it may have a role in stimulating blood circulation, which can help relax tense muscles.


Suitable for cold extremities

The main cause for cold extremities is a slowed blood circulation. Titanium can help improve blood circulation, which prevents cold extremities.

Modern design

The necklace has a modern design and is perfect for everyday wear, work or play. The V-shaped titanium necklace will match any outfit.



  • nylon tape;
  • core: elastomer;
  • fastening: pure titanium, stainless steel, polyacetal.



  • Colour: black
  • Length: 50 cm



  • Hand washable in cool water with mild soap.


Made in Japan.

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