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  • Greta

    I felt pain and stretching in the shoulder and neck area. After sticking two patches on both sides, I didn't even notice that the pain disappeared during the day.
  • Deimantė

    I had a bad headache. I got to try it, the pain decreased in 2-3 minutes, the headache completely disappeared in 10 minutes.
  • Monika

    I had an inflammation in my cheek, pulled out a tooth. I started using the patches immediately after that. It took the pain away and the swelling went down, I used the patches all week. It really helped, after the night I always felt that the swelling did not go to the painful place.
  • Olga

    I have problems with my knees - I can't live without patches.
  • Kristina

    I tried Phiten patches on my son who had acute sinusitis and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. I stuck it on my forehead in the sinus area and behind my ears. With the help of patches, inflammation in the sinuses decreased rapidly, no additional medication was needed, only nasal washing and patches.
  • Ieva

    I used it to relieve neck pain, a colleague applied Phiten patches, I felt a slight tingling sensation and the pain decreased.
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