The big success from Japan

Phiten comes from Japanese pain therapy and has been producing purely natural ingredients based on valuable metals and minerals for external use for decades. These are an integral part of every Phiten product, e.g. as impregnation. They are designed to support important regenerative processes and are already used in more than two hundred Phiten-owned therapeutic facilities. All treatments and products are designed to induce a state of complete relaxation as a prerequisite for healing. In addition to therapeutic work, another focus is stress prevention. For the modern lifestyle of many people who are firmly in their professional lives, the ability to relax is a significant factor in preventing serious illness. At Phiten, the understanding of “ANTIAGING” or “BODY CARE” goes beyond a pure understanding of beauty and includes all measures to maintain physical and mental performance into old age.

Your Phiten Team

  • Brand Statement

    Phiten has supported the health of all people with the slogan “Everything we do, We do for your health”.

    The field covers a wide range including body care, skin care, and hair care.

    These are all “body care” to support a healthy body.

    Phiten is the “Body Care Company” for everyone, we will continue to contribute to the creation of a healthy body for people and a body that does not stop dreaming.

  • Phiten Brand Promise

    Every day you can stay stress-free and youthful.

    We want to share the joy with more people.

    Under the theme of “developing youthfulness,” we look at people’s bodies and lifestyles, and pursue unique body care with our unique technology and ideas.

    And we propose the best body care for each customer, we support the creation of youthful and healthy condition both physically and mentally.