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Phiten METAX body lotion after sports

Phiten METAX body lotion after sports

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Phiten Metax Body Lotion – quick solution for muscle recovery

This advanced lotion promotes the regeneration of muscles, ligaments, and tendons while helping to relax tense muscles.

Help before or after training

Whether used before or after training, Phiten Metax Body Lotion effectively rejuvenates tired muscles, offering a soothing sensation. It is excellent for relaxing tired muscles.

Suitable for the whole body

Suitable for use on the entire body or targeted areas, it allows you to address specific muscle tension.

Stimulates blood circulation

The lotion stimulates the skin's blood circulation and can be can be incorporated into soothing and relaxing massages.

Combine it with our Phiten tapes for enhanced results

Phiten Metax Lotion can be used in combination with Phiten tapes – simply apply the tapes to the desired area and gently massage the lotion into the skin over the tapes .


· Size: 120 ml, 480 ml.

· The effect lasts for 3-10 hours.

Made in China.
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